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@VHL GM You all know the drill by now, GM's are required to lines using the Team Management section of the portal. If you have manual requests due to waiver pick ups or other roster changes please PM me your notes.  Either discord or forum PM is fine.


I have made sure your lines can all be made for this first set (IE no bots missing to make rosters incomplete) but please look over your rosters carefully to make sure everyone is present that should be, no one is present that shouldn't be, and everyone's position is correct. If you see any issues please notify me ASAP so it can be corrected for Wednesday's first sim.


As has been the case for a few seasons now all sims will be done live. I cannot promise you a specific time for these (though around 6:30pm EST is most likely) and, likewise, I can't promise you they will be very entertaining; in fact I can almost guarantee that they won't be. However in an effort to be more transparent with our simming you will all be able to watch me click buttons in all it's glory. I will do my best to put a message on discord whenever I go live but may forget some days. If you wish to be notified please make sure to check out the #roles channel for information on how. In any case the live sims will always be in the same place which is embedded below: 


  Good luck to everyone this season and let's have another good one! :cheers: 

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