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S86 Hall of Fame Induction


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Two inductions today, recognising two fine defencemen and erstwhile teammates who recently retired from the VHL...


D - Hard Markinson, S78-S85 :mos:

RS: 576 GP, 191 G, 505 A, 696 P, +218, 1,230 PIM, 1,816 HIT, 1,201 SB, 21 GW

PO: 98 GP, 37 G, 89 A, 126 P, +38, 237 PIM, 347 HIT, 246 SB, 9 GW


S78 Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy (Top Rookie)

S81 Sterling Labatte Trophy Trophy (Top Defenceman)

S82 Sterling Labatte Trophy Trophy (Top Defenceman)

S84 Sterling Labatte Trophy Trophy (Top Defenceman)

S84 Alexander Valiq Trophy (Top Offensive Defenceman)

3x All-VHL First Team (S81, S82, S84)

1x All-VHL Second Team (S83)


The dominant defenceman of the early 80s, Hard Markinson was an unstoppable machine on both ends of the ice. One of the most hard-hitting blue-liners of all time, Markinson also finished 7th amongst the VHL's highest scoring defencemen ever (and that includes 3 players who spent some time as forwards). While he couldn't get his hands on the coveted Continental Cup, it was not for lack of trying, having been part of the Moscow team that went to the finals a mind-blowing 5 times but came away with nothing. Markinson did his part, with the 2nd most points in playoff history, as well as smashing the records for playoff shot blocks and assists by some 37 and 10, respectively.





D - Aurelien Moreau, S77-S84:hel::tor::mos::que::chi:

RS: 574 GP, 100 G, 530 A, 630 P, +131, 1,030 PIM, 1,449 HIT, 1,163 SB, 11 GW

PO: 95 GP, 12 G, 64 A, 76 P, +8, 216 PIM, 238 HIT, 172 SB, 2 GW


S81 Alexander Beketov Trophy (Most Assists)

S83 Alexander Beketov Trophy (Most Assists)

S83 Alexander Valiq Trophy (Top Offensive Defenceman)

2x All-VHL First Team (S81, S83)


Aurelien Moreau had to wait a season longer than Markinson to get inducted, owing to a slower start, but when he got going he was one of the finest playmaking defencemen we have seen. Only the great Sterling Labatte and Japinder Singh put up more career assists than Moreau among defencemen, and he ranks 6th all-time even when you add forwards in as well. He was no defensive slouch either and gave Moscow a formidable blue line for the few seasons Moreau and Markinson spent together. He proved he was not dependent on his teammates however by continuing to dominate the blue line through to retirement.





Hard Markinson - 13/13

Aurelien Moreau - 9/13


Erik Killinger - 2/13

Kristof Welch - 2/13

Jakab Holik, John Merrick, Matty Socks, Lee Xin, Robin Galante Nilsson, Paul Atreides, Brendan Telker, Reylynn Reinhart, Tui Sova - 0/13


Congratulations @STZ and @Frank on your latest additions to the Hall of Fame!



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Great to see the two defenders Bo has been looking up to since joining the league finally get a spot where they belong. Congrats on two very impressive careers, and my condolences that @Spartan  FISTED ANALLY BY A CIRCUS MONKEY you both on the one trophy that's missing.

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Nice to make the HOF with Moreau,, just goes to show you max earning works.


Disappointed we couldn't bring Moscow and @Spartan  a cup. The consecutive finals and team atmosphere were bar none though. :cheers:


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Yeah, it was definitely a goal to get another HOF Player in the new generation. Appreciate all the kind words. Very cool to go into the Hall with Frank too.


One of the most fun runs with a player. Thanks to all those who I crossed paths with during that time to keep my interest peaked!

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