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Continental Cup Finals: Game 5

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First off, Great F-ing series Davos. The way each game was played this could have easily been a 7 game series had the cards been played a little bit different. 4-1 is a poor representation of how the series actually went.


Wranglers, with this group I chose a different way of doing things. I came into the league like any new GM looking to make waves and get noticed. TRADES, TRADES AND TRADE some more. I eventually learned how to draft and grow with a group of people. Instead of constantly moving pieces to create a team, I did it the old fashioned way of drafting and developing talent. This only works if those players you draft are committed to putting in the work to help not only themselves but their teammates be better. Calgary is the epitome of that. Everyone working so hard for not only themselves but also for each other. It’s a game, a hobby, not even something that truly matters in the grand scheme of your life but everyone here enjoyed it enough to make it something we could all enjoy together. 

Congratulations to the S87 Calgary Wranglers, you’re Continental Cup Champions.


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Game 87:

HC_Dynamo.png HC Davos Dynamo vs. Calgary Wranglers Calgary_Emoti.png


Both teams' defenses started off playing fantastic hockey, leading to a scoreless first period.  Calgary finally broke through to take a 1-0 lead a few minutes into the second period, thanks to a goal from Sax Justice.  Davos tried to answer back, but the Wranglers' defense again held strong, keeping the score 1-0 entering the final period.  The Dynamo weren't finished, however, as Mason Jones tied the game with a goal in the waning minutes of regulation.  Many fans seemingly thought the game was headed to overtime, but Calgary dashed those hopes with a game-winning goal with less than two minutes left in the game. Larry Abass Jr was the hero for Calgary and helped lead the Wranglers to this huge victory.

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