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S87 Team Asia Roster Announcement


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:buffbeav:Official Team Asia Roster :buffbeav:

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Congratulations to the following players who were selected for Team Asia! Please join us in the WJC Discord and make sure to let us know you're on Team Asia so you can join your fellow teammates in the locker room!


Alex Ovechkin III - @Bruh

BK Whopper - @Cyrxlian

Sergei Romanov - @WithARevelYell

Tarro Tsujimoto - @Taro Tsujimoto

Grunkle Stan-dingyouup - @Big Newff

Legacy Gaming - @Gaming Ringleader

Braeden Panarella - @ThatCasual

Mac Dre - @MacDre

Timothy Swearingen - @Timmy30



Mark Calaway - @Beketov

Jack Jeckler - @Uncommon

Tyler Swift - @lilchrist

Alex DeLuca - @Deluca



Ross Glagau - @Zetterberg

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