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Finals was not as Advertised


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With the Crazy season the European conference had, it was no match compared to the runner up for the victory cup Calgary Wranglers. Calgary came second overall on the season, and now the only team alive in the playoffs. Congrats to the Wranglers, the fight was not as close as the league would have thought. A lot of people told me that the European division was most definitely going to win, and some even mentions they would be mad if it didn’t go to the extremely deep European division. Obviously, that wasn’t the case, and my guess is that those people are now screaming in the abyss. However, one of the few teams from North America that actually deserved to be in the playoffs won.


To recap what happened in the finals, it is important to know the series was taken in 5, it was not nearly as close as I would have thought, Calgary easily won 4-1. But lets look at each game in order, starting with game 1: The game started out strong for HC as James Teekirque scored early in the first. Later in that period saw Daniel Janser score on the powerplay with only 1 minute left in the first period. In the second period HC didn’t want like being behind so they got a quick goal from Mason Jones 24 seconds into the period. The next goal was scored in the third period by Siyan Yasilievich of HC early in the period while on the powerplay. Now down by two, Daniel Janser wanted a comeback so he scored half way through the period while on the powerplay. Sax Justice scored with 50 seconds left in the period for a last minute tie game, 3 to 3. However, HC finished the game with an overtime win from Alfred Champagne.


In game 2, it was quite honestly was a blowout, with 4 goals scored by Calgary in the first by Landon Wolanin (twice), AirRig GoodBrandSun, and Leandro Goncalves. The second period saw 2 goals scored by HC by Pete Mitchell, and Florida Man. And finally in the third period AirRig GoodBrandSun scored for Calgary again to make the game 5 to 2.


Game 3 saw HCs Florida Man get a powerplay goal 46 seconds left in the first. The second saw Calgary get a shorthanded goal by Leandro Goncalves, then Lloyd Braun gets one to put Calgary up by one. Jake Thunder was the next scorer in the second for HC to tie the game again from a powerplay. The third saw 3 more goals, all on the powerplay, from Calgarys Leandro Goncalves, HCs Florida Man, and Landon Wolanin. With that Calgary won 4 to 3.

In game 4 we saw a lot of back and forth where the 

first goal was scored in the second by Mason Jones, quick in the period for HC. Then Phil Strasmore scores quickly after that to make it tied not long after the first goal and on the powerplay for Calgary. The third saw Calgarys Landon Wolanin score early, but Jake Thunder of HC quickly tied it back up while on the powerplay. Overtime is where it went and AirRig GoodBrandSun scored a powerplay goal for Calgarys win.


Game 5 was low scoring, but interesting. The first goal was scored by Sax Justice of Calgary early in the second period. The next goal was scored with only 2:15 left in the third which saw HC tie the game, however Calgary would score only 29 seconds later by Larry Abass Jr to win the game 2 to 1 in a tight and exciting game.


That would be it, Calgary wins 4-1 in the series that won them the continental cup!


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