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The offseason begins for Tavish DeGroot, following the 16 game playoff run from the Seattle Bears forward. Transitioning mid season from being the mean hearted Riga Reign defender of the year candidate to reuniting with former Eastern Europe/Warsaw Predator teammate and best friend Vasille Lamb, the veteran skater had a wild end to his season. For DeGroot, who has signed his first multi-year deal since his entry level contract, he has been working hard discussing with both his camp and the camp of pending free agent Lamb. Following the extension, respective agents and players were seen in a downtown Seattle restaurant Buryakovy Ray, enjoying the evening on the eve of a full fresh season together for the Bears.


"I think I had one of the weirdest seasons in the league. From being brought in as a veteran presence to toughen up some young Riga players, to being back competing for the cup in an amazing organization with a player that got  my acclimated to the league when we both broke in. I think I play a similar role here in Seattle next season. Bogs @Bojovnik and Bobs @AJW have got a good locker room to grow in now. It's an exciting time to be a fan of the greatest VHL team. I sniff another dynasty starting."

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