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Biography Guidelines

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Biography Rubric (Pre-S70) - look at bottom for post-S70


The biography is worth a maximum of 10 TPE, making it the single most valuable point task available. It can only be done once per career, so the appropriate time and effort must be spent on this if you expect to earn full marks. Your biography should focus more so on your players life rather than his hockey career, but if you would like to incorporate some hockey stories then that is acceptable. Try not to bog it down with an outrageous plot and it must be a minimum of 1000 words.


- Your biography is an account of your players life. It should include your players childhood, general upbringing, high school/college (if applicable) overviews, and how he got to where he is today.


- Biographies are the single most valuable point-task available to you and should be written with care.


- A title, pictures, and perhaps some bolding and/or headings should be included.




*If drafted S70 and after, (to be written during your 8th season, 800 Words, 8 TPE) - Career recap

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