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Rookie Profile Guidelines

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This Career Point Task is only available to those who were selected in the Season 69 VHL Draft or earlier. If you were selected in the Season 70 VHL Draft or later, you are only eligible to submit for the Junior Review, Prospect Scouting Report, Rookie Experience and Veteran Presence Career Point Tasks (along with the Biography in your eighth VHL Season).  


Rookie Profile Rubric


The Rookie Profile is essentially a 'scouting report' of sorts. It should be based pretty much entirely around your players hockey career. The Rookie Profile is worth a maximum of 8 TPE and can be done once per career. This point task shouldn't include much about the life of your player, that is for the biography. 


- Basic information such as your players age, height, weight, hometown, etc. should be included. Rookie Profiles should be, at minimum, 500 words in total. 


- Should include at least 3 solid pros (strengths) and 3 solid cons (weaknesses). The pros and cons section is the core of the rookie profile and should be around 350-400 words at minimum. 


- A title, a picture(s), and perhaps some bolding and/or headings should be included.



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