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Tom Joins Quad Gold Club


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New York Americans forward Tom Slaughter has probably become the youngest player ever to join the quadruple gold club after winning the final piece to his puzzle during the S40 off-season. The forward lead Team USA to World Cup gold in great fashion. Earlier in his career, Slaughter earned two Founder's Cups, a Super Cup and a Continental Cup. Interestingly enough, long-time scrub and Helsinki Titan James Faraday has been riding Slaughter's coattails claiming the World Cup and Super Cup with Tom.


"James is a good player, but the real key to having him on the team is the power of riggery. That worked with Naomi Young in the Super Cup and James Faraday in the World Cup the past few off-seasons. Tom has been lucky to by on talented teams throughout his career and now that he's breaking out perhaps he'll be the focal point of a few more championship runs during the second half of his career," said Sterling Labatte.

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