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Claimed:Better than nothing [FINAL 5/6]


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Effort: 1.75/2 - You seem to be new at graphics, but I'd like to see a bit more effort put into some stock work and lighting.
Look: 2/3 - Needs some better lighting and blending. The text is hard to read and usually you want at least a portion of it overlapping the render. Your coloring is off as well. I would suggest looking up some tutorials, they will really help you learn some new techniques.
Creativity: 1/1 - You got it.
Total: 4.75/6
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Effort: 1.5/2 - Very, very minimal work done here. Look up tutorials to get better.
Look: 1.75/3 - Everything what Schneider said, but I think he was a bit nice on the grade :P
Creativity: 1/1 - I'll give you it.
Total: 4.25/6
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