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Claimed:Heyo [FINAL 5/6]


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Effort: 1.75/2 - It looks like you just have three components here. I realize it can be tough getting started, but I would've liked to see a bit more effort put into this.
Look: 2/3 - The lighting is really lacking here. The text is becoming the focal point instead of the render, that's something you want to avoid. I would suggest looking up some tutorials or downloading some psd's, I think it would help you immensely.
Creativity: 1/1 - Yeah
Total: 4.75/6
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Effort: 1.75/2 - It needs more to it. Look up tutorials, and move from there.
Look: 1.75/3 - I think this is okay for a new signature, but this could be way better. Stocks are your friend, try and use them.
Creativity: 1/1 - I'll give you it.
Total: 4.5/6
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