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Harumpf #1 in VHL Face Offs


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Well your favorite 5'5" 250 pound rookie has been killing in the face off circle so far this season. Oskars Harumpf has an astounding 65.31% Face Off Win percentage, good for 1st in the entire VHLM. Even cooler is his teammate Naomi Young is 2nd with 63%, showing how strong the Titans are in the dot. Face Offs are often an overlooked stat, but if you don't have the puck you can't score and if you do have the puck, the other team can't score. 65 and 63% from Helsinki's top 2 centers will put them in a great position to win a lot of games. Harumpf is especially please with his performance as a rookie, given his short stature, but the fact that he can get so low to the ground on draw could be what's giving him such an advantage over his taller opponents. Just another unique skill Harumpf brings to the table. Speaking of tables, he's going to go eat dinner now. Gotta keep that 250 pound frame up after all.


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