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Which Season 33 Player Had The Best Career?


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The 40th VHL-season is in the books and while the Riga Reign came out of it victorious, we have also seen the careers of the last remaining players from the S33 draft class come to an end. Great franchise caliber players like Odin Tordahl, Wesley Kellinger or Niklas Lindberg as well as quieter but still very successful guys such as the Olsen brothers, Thomas Landry or Willie Weber have decided to hang 'em up. Others like Tomas Valiq, Keiji Toriyama, Sebastian Ball Jr. or David Collier didn't even play the full eight years and therefore were already retired last season, yet still had good VHL careers. With all these players gone from the big show, now is the time to start looking back... Who of these guys do you think had the best overall career, who exceed expectations and who might have been a big of a disappointment, considering where he was drafted at? Please leave your opinions here, i would actually like to turn this into a bigger article or series of articles, but for that I would like your help: Could you send me your let's say Top-15, how you would rank the careers of the S33 players? I'll then compile a ranking from all your votes and try to get some write-ups up :).


You can find the original draft ranking and all players from this draft class here: http://www.vhlforum.com/index.php?/topic/692-s33-vhl-entry-draft/

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