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Roy the third plagued by early season injury.

Mr. Hickey

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Some might be wondering, what has happened to Joseph Roy III? The Saskatoon forward had only 3 points through the first 5 games, a number that is pathetic by VHLM standards. Roy fresh of back to back games with a goal, (4 points in his last 2) spoke with the media today about his early season struggles. "Well you see, Jardy is a bitch and thought it would be funny to push me down a flight of stairs right before the season started, I was playing with an ankle sprain and a hairline fracture in my wrist." Jardy is a head executive in the VHL, and is indeed a bitch. When asked about how the injury effected him Roy replied, "Well it felt like someone got on STHS and played with my stats a bit, dropped my Puck Handling and Skating to 40. It's much better now though, It's pretty miraculous. Maybe Jardy will let me replay my first 5 games."



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