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Writing Ranks: Round 2

probably not noah

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The first round is through, and we've found ourselves with eight members ready to take on the next challenge. Ninetyfourgoalie and Sterling have been eliminated in the first round. Thanks for your participation, better luck next time.


From here on out, we're going into traditional bracket format with head-to-head faceoffs. I have divided the writers into two conferences based off my favourite authors. Any ranks that were tied were assigned randomly. Here are the matchups: 


Vonnegut Conference

1. Noah!! (9 Votes)

4. Edgar (4 Votes)


2. AIM-11 (6 Votes)

3. YEAH! (5 Votes)


Tolkien Conference

1. Doomsday (7 Votes)

4. Phil (5 Votes)


2. Green (5 Votes)

3. Diamond_Ace (5 Votes)


This Week's Assignment: For this week's assignment you must write a historical media spot. It can focus on an event that has happened, a review of a historical team or player, or any other aspect of VHL history. Be creative with it, as long as it can be considered historical. 


Length: 450-600 words. DO NOT EXCEED. If you go over the word count by a significant amount, your article will be disqualified. 


Due Date: Tuesday, Dec. 23 at 11:59 PM, EST

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