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I'm honestly pretty surprised that i've been doing so well in the VHL when I just came out of the VHLM. Most people expected me to mainly struggle and get something like 40 points. I mean, that's still possible but i've gotten 18 points in 18 games, with a good chunk of them as a defenseman. A ppg record in my rookie season is definitely a pleasant surprise. Obviously it probably has to do with the fact that the Bears have a depleted roster and giving me a chance to shine but it could go both ways as elite players playing with rookies can also elevate their games. I'm happy with my situation as of now and if I can't sustain this, oh well but i'm starting to heat up. Yeah there is some added pressure in performing especially since i'm part of the return that the Bears got for Bruno Wolf but as of now i'm set to outpace him on points and possibly hits since I already have 60 and lead the entire team.



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