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Victim #7

Da Trifecta

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Niklaus was almost caught with his last victim. So he decided that the next time he went out, he was going to grab someone and hide them afterwards. Of course he doesn't want to be caught so he is taking extra precautions with his feeding. The prey he stalked this time was a guy who was walking around in a trench coat. He didn't know anything of the guy, just that he seemed really suspicious. He managed to follow the guy for about a good 20 minutes before he made his decision. This guy was walking around and picking things out of purses and coats that were left lying around at the skating rink. Nik thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get rid of another scumbag in the world. So he swooped in, grabbed his food and took him somewhere remote. He told him "Your life has no meaning. You simply prey on those who have more than you and you try to take advantage of it. Well no more will you be doing that." With those last words, he sank his teeth into the guy and drained him of blood. He dropped the body and quickly made haste of his exit.

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