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We’re just over a quarter of the way through the regular season, and things are well underway. For this VHL Magazine Power Poll however, the members will be asked something unrelated to what’s going on with the season probably for the first time since I took over.


This week I want to know which forum skin you guys are using for the message boards.


Right now, there are three options there for members to choose from. Two could be argued as the exact same thing, and one which is pretty recent sees many noticeable differences from the two similar skins.


So, which skin do you use?


Are you using Higgins v2 which sports the red theme that the VHL has used since the formation of the new site? Higgins v2 also features a plain VHL banner at the top of the page to give it more of a professional look it seems.


The second option is Red VHL which surprisingly, is the other skin that uses the red theme! The difference between this and the Higgins skin is the banner changes from time to time. Right now the holiday theme banner for the league is being sported.


And finally, there is the S40 anniversary skin that has a nice black and gold theme. It has also affectionately been nicknamed the Vasteras theme as it matched the former team’s colours. There is no banner on this skin it seems, maybe to get members to switch back to one of the other skins now that we’re done with the anniversary season?


I use Red VHL myself, but I want to hear from you all. Comments as always are appreciated and best comments will make it to the Mag!

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