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Claimed:Meute Off to a Strong Start [Final: 6/6]

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After much anticipation in the off-season, the Quebec City Meute are now trying to make a name for themselves in the Victory Hockey League. Making a bundle of trades after Season 40, there was a number of questions to be answered in the next season. Were all of the moves that the GM made the things to do? Many were critical of such trades but the Meute seem to be heading in the right direction so far. A few key pieces to the roster were removed but they also added some big names as well. It has been an interesting season so far in the VHL and the Meute are one of the top teams at the moment.


Currently the VHL is at the 19 game mark, and the Quebec City Meute are 12-3-4 tied for 2nd overall in a close race for the top. The New York Americans lead the pack with a record of 16-2-1. Quebec City has only been defeated 3 times in regulation, which is a great statistic for a team that many had some doubts about heading into Season 41. They have had very strong efforts from their offensive core and things have been noticeably balanced in their team output. With as much talent on the team as any top team in the VHL, this squad definitely could have what it takes to have a fantastic season. Not everything is so easily predicted though.






Through these first games heading through the starting gate, captain Aksel Thomassen is leading the group with 33 points in 19 games. Being more of a play maker thus far, it has not been too difficult for him to find assists with the fire power with him on the ice. Thomassen remains tied on the team alongside Bruno Wolf with 12 goals a piece. Nobody has been outscoring the next guy by any large portion, with most of the team having 5 or more goals. It remains to be seen if anyone is going to creep away from the pack in the future in the goal race. On that note, Aksel Thomassen also leads the point race league-wide with his 33. He has a 2 point advantage on Riga Reign's Robin Gow.


On another note, there has been a rookie with the Meute this season who has been performing extraordinary for the squad. Rami Jakobssen has impressed everyone in Quebec City and the league as well with 28 points in these 19 games. He currently leads the rookie scoring race sitting 1 point above Seattle's Brady Stropko. It was a big question whether or not Jakobssen would bring his top game to the VHL level, but he is making huge strides towards that success so far. Rami has been just the offensive dynamo that the Meute were asking for and it's definitely paying off on paper. If he can continue at this rate, it is easy to predict that he will be strongly considered for the Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy; awarded to the VHL's top rookie.






Heading into Season 41, one of the more interesting stories in Quebec City was the product that Travis Boychuk would bring to the ice. A newcomer to the Meute and a superstar for the Calgary Wranglers in his first 3 seasons of VHL action, many analysts were curious about him. Coming into the season with an A on his sweater for his new squad, it was a question of what kind of role he would play. So far, he has 21 points with 7 of those being goals. It appears obvious that nobody expected him to light it up right away in his new colours, so being a point-per-game pace is great thing to see. If he can bring his game to the level he was at in previous seasons, the Meute will be a contender for years.


What the future holds for the Meute is a bright one, with so much talent up front and a great back end to boot. It remains to be seen if the moves that their fresh GM has made will pay off, but things are looking superb thus far.

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Content: 3/3

The Meute are indeed looking good!

Grammar: 2/2


there was a number - there were a number 

in Quebec City, and the league as well, with - missing commas

were asking for, and it's definitely - comma 

Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy; awarded to the VHL's top rookie. - funny use of semi-colon. the second half is not a complete sentence or an independent clause. If I'm wrong, let me know.


Appearance: 1/1

No complaints

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