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Claimed:Spammerino Bots ~ Part I [Final: 6/6]


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Spammerino Bots ~ Part I


This weekend was looking like any other weekend on the VHL, drunken and a little twisted. Little did we all know we would be under siege by an army of spam bots from southern China. The VHL has previously tried to expand into the Asian empire of China, mostly under the influence of Terrence Fong and his small eyed cronies. A few years ago when the VHL commissioners tried to fly into Beijing they were detained at the airport by Chinese officials and had their Canadian passports confiscated. The commissioners at the time were David Knight and Jardy Buncleworth, who were supposed to be meeting with Mr. Fong later that night to see the plans for building a state of the art ice hockey facility in China for a new VHL team. Obviously this plan, codenamed 'Project Yellow', never came to be and the story of why has never been told before now.




Thousands of people come through the gates at the Beijing airport every single day, but this day was different. There were two passengers who looked completely out of their element. One of them had a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with the slogan "God Save The Queen" on his sweater. The other appeared to be intoxicated and was wearing a straw hat with a pair of coveralls that were filthy as if he had come straight from a 1950's farm. They stuck out like a sore thumb to security and were taken into a holding room to be questioned.


They were grilled for a whole two minutes before Jardy broke under the immense pressure. He told the Chinese security officers that they were there on international ice hockey business. That's when the officers looked at each other and promptly left the room. After three hours the two VHL commissioners were let go and ushered outside by the airport security to a waiting black limousine.




They were tossed into the back of the limo, but found out they weren't alone as there was a sharply dressed Asian man waiting for them. When the commissioners first got a look at who that man was they were speechless. It was someone who was black listed from the VHL only a few months before. It was Nick Barr the former VHL tycoon, who signed all-star forward Evgeni Fyodorov and was the GM of Riga for a short time before being black listed by the league. Barr had moved back to Asia to escape prosecution from the VHL in North America and Europe.


The details of the exchange between the VHL commissioners and Nick Barr in that limo are sketchy, but we do know some facts. Mr. Barr had heard about both the upcoming VHL expansion for Season 31 and the meeting with Terrance Fong in Beijing. Apparently, Barr wanted to hold a monopoly over the internet simulation hockey available throughout all of Asia, and was irate when he found out about the VHL potentially coming to China. The commissioners must have agreed to the terms of whatever happened in that limo because they promptly booked plane tickets back to Canada.


How did Terrance Fong react when he found out the commissioners left the country without visiting him? How did Don Draper play a part in all of this? Was 'catching a fade' a codename for Nick Barr? Did David Knight lose his mind and become extremely paranoid in the months following this confrontation? Why was Cologne given an expansion team and was Kendrick always the choice to become GM? Did Squinty really leave the league under his own accord? Is Frank an undercover agent trying to set up a persona that all Asians are stupid?


Find out next week.

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Content: 3/3

Well played... is an African expansion code named Project Black? Though, where would you find ice in Africa?


Grammar: 2/2 Nothing major. 


 A few years ago, when the VHL commissioners tried to fly into Beijing, they - missing commas 

Also, how does one actually spell Terence? 


Appearance: 1/1

looks good

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