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Claimed:The Hero: Part II [Final: 6/6]


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The Hero:

His Superpowers Don't


Start a Fire




When we left off, George “The General” Patton was on an airplane. He was flying  back to North America, to begin his fight against HYDRA, the terrorist group previously known to him only in comic books, in earnest. Last week, The General became a hero, with all the tools necessary to fulfil the job of a hero. He had his hockey skills. He had a little bit of contract money. He had military training that was decades old. He had citizenship in a member nation of the European Union.




Alright, so maybe he didn’t actually have everything he needed. The passport would help, though. The checking strength might do him some good in a pinch. Oh, and he had his unexplained pin up girl sidekick, Cherry Baxter. She was going to be important. Other than her, though, he really didn’t have anything.




He was halfway back to the United States when his phone began to vibrate in his pocket. Hadn’t he turned it off before taking off? No, because George “The General” Patton was an idiot. “Oh, I… I just need to go to the bathroom real quick.” It was lucky for Cherry Baxter that The General had chosen to sit on the aisle, and he scurried to the back of the plane (the actual back, because The General wasn’t making enough to fly first class on his minor league contract).




The phone was still buzzing when he got to the tiny little airborne water closet, and he hastened to answer it. “George Patton here.” Because he actually had some phone sense, and didn’t just answer with a groggy “Uh… Hullo?”

“Mr. Patton.”

“Yes.” Hadn’t he just said that?

“I have followed your journeys with great… interest.”

“Thank you.” He wasn’t aware that his travels were being followed at all, let along with great interests.

“A superhero is just what the world needs.”

“My superpowers don’t—“

“A hero can be super without powers.”


“Light a fire, Mr. Patton.”


“Light a fire, Mr. Patton.”




That was all the strange, deep voice would say. It was a somewhat odd thing to say before hanging up, but that was what the mystery voice did. “Alright then.” He stuck his phone back in his pocket and made his way back to Cherry Baxter.


Upon landing in an undisclosed city (the name of this city cannot be revealed for copyright purposes) and walking into the terminal, George “The General” Patton and Cherry Baxter were met by a large man in a dark suit holding a black box.




“Courtesy of Mr. Wayne, Mr. Patton.” The Bruce Wayne? He did not know. “I would advise that you open this elsewhere.” Whatever that meant. He grabbed the box and hurried away, to the desk of a rental car company that cannot be disclosed (Like the British pound, but American). A car was waiting for him as he’d requested, and from the safety of said car he opened the box. A note lay inside.




“Mr. Patton,

Enclosed please find:

-A travel itinerary to Havana, Cuba.

-The proper documents for an apartment in said city.

-A Beretta M418. Keep this hidden.

-An address in Havana. Go there when you arrive.

Light a fire, Mr. Patton.

-Mr. Wayne




Well, that was all there was to it, it seemed. His journey would continue in Havana.




Come back next week for…





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Content: 3/3

As always


Grammar: 2/2.  There were a few tiny things, but nothing on this doozy:


flying  back - one too many spaces


Appearance: 1/1
Full marks for bringing Cherry's pin-up back.  

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