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Claimed:The Truth About Spammerino Bots ~ Part 1 [Final: 6/6]


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As most members of the Victory Hockey League with any minuscule amount of league-awareness probably know by now, a band of vicious and relentless spam bots (otherwise known as spammerino bots) attacked us on our very own soil domain this weekend. Obviously, this is not something that is standard for the VHL, which usually boasts a quite and secure environment. However, something certainly went awry this weekend. 


For the duration of the attack, as well as some time after the attack had ended, league officials remained quiet. Two separate bulletins were released earlier this afternoon: one stating that the attack had finally been thwarted by the leagues apparent overlord, Victor, and a second bulletin that insinuated responsibility for the attacks belonged to Nick Barr, a former VHL tycoon who had been all but exiled back to Asia. These bulletins, however, both raise a number of questions. What was Barr's motive? Did he even have that capacity to facilitate such an attack? Did Victor really stop the attack or did the league give in to demands made by the attackers?




The office of Nick Barr, hockey simulation tycoon.


The theory that the commissioners have posed to the public is as follows: back in the golden days, before the Season 31 Expansion, the league had prospected China as one of the possible destinations for future VHL teams. This location was proposed mainly due to the fact that Asian businessman Terence Fong had close ties to the league and was confident that there was a significant market in China that wasn't being taken advantage of. When Nick Barr, a hockey simulation tycoon and someone who was blacklisted by the VHL back in 94', caught wind of the prospective Chinese VHL team - he put a stop to it. He, supposedly, kidnapped the then-commissioners and intimidated them out of Asia. Now, in present day, Nick Barr has launched these attacks on the VHL in effort to expand from the confines of Asia and back to North America/Europe. 


Unfortunately, much of the public (such as me), reject this explanation. No, I don't think it has anything to do with a bitter old Asian man who is seeking retribution against the league he once called home. He simply doesn't have the capacity to breach the high-tech and extensive security systems installed by the leagues Head Grader, Draper. This was an inside job. Someone with thorough knowledge of these systems was responsible, or at least involved. The list of such people is very short. Four people to be exact. I could tell you who those people are right now - but I'll save that for next week. 


Instead, I'll talk about another question that has been raised. Did the league's overlord really thwart these attacks? Maybe. Not likely. Our analysts have performed a detailed evaluation of the breach and have come to the conclusion that it is very unlikely these attacks could have been stopped with anything short of an entire system-shutdown. This means the league's top officials most likely met some sort of demands from the attackers in order to stop the attack. Possibly a monetary payment? We'll find out soon enough. 




The title of this is probably pretty misleading, as I never actually told you what the truth was. Next week, however, those who are actually responsible for heinously attacking our forum shall be exposed. 


**If this article makes no sense to you, see this.

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Content: 3/3

I especially like how you tied it to a different article. 


Grammar: 2/2

Nothing that I saw on a once over


the high-tech and extensive security systems installed by the leagues Head Grader, Draper. - excessive self importance


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Looks good

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