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Claimed:VHL Senior League [Final: 6/6]


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The life of a VHL player post-hockey can be a rough one.  Where do you find your sense of purpose when the days of text-based superstardom, virtual puck bunnies, and completely made up hotel parties, all become distant memories? 


The PGA recognized that even the rich and highly talented need a place to call home when their bodies begin to decay, and thus the Champions Tour was created.  Golfers who are 50 years of age or more are eligible to play in this old-timer's league, and it's gone from a bit of an after thought, to a legitimate way for some of the league's alumni and 'graybeards' to earn their usual digustingly high salary and still hit the links from time to time.


It's time that we start giving some of our older members a chance to feel wanted again.  The VHL Senior League is a way to prevent sending our retired members out on ice flows, but rather to give them value doing what they love.





Already I can hear the cries from others as they try and find reasons why this is a bad idea.  Let's try and address some of those concerns so that we can get right down to the business of actually getting things done!


Another League?  Too much work for the simmer!


You know what?  Whoever said that out there is a very wise man (or woman).  This IS too much work for the simmer.  That's the beauty of this idea.  It's an opportunity to give some wet behind the ears rookie simmer a crack at running a league. Turn off the injuiries, set the lines automatically, don't carry out any trading, and the job is a "Lite" version of what the real simmer needs to do every day.


It should be noted that finances, signings, roster moves, and a whole host of other things, would not even be a part of the job for the mini-simmer.  If the games were simmed four times a season, instead of every day, then it would be someting to look forward to once every few weeks and give a new simmer a chance to earn their 'VHL Simmer' badge so that when Jardy dies we have someone else to step into his role as sim slave.


No one cares about these old gaffers.  Let em rot.


Now, now, no need to be a jerk about it.  These cauliflower heads have feelings too you know!  I have a hunch that people would be as interested in the VHL Senior League as they would the VHLM. That's not meant as a slam against the Junior League, but more of a boost for what the Senior League could bring.


Old members, some of which never come back to these forums after retiring their players, may suddenly have a renewed interest in hanging around the league after they are done and too tired to recreate a new player.  If their old memories get a chance to skate around and possibly add a few Geriatric Championships to the name, then that could keep them kicking around the league long enough to eventually recreate a player again when their muse returns. Think of this as a 'Burned Out Member Retention Program'.  The VHL puts a lot of effort into retaining their new members, but isn't it time we took a look at how to keep a hold of our old guys as well?


It's the VHL.  Bold ideas scare us.


Well fair enough, you got me on this one.  The VHL does a lot of things right, but swinging for the fences isn't part of that list.  That's not to say that cautious and vanilla isn't the best approach, but that isn't going to stop me from throwing out more ideas for people to chew on.  I say it's time to throw the old dogs a bone.  They are not going to learn any new tricks, but at least we can let them feel some love before we put them down.

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Content: 3/3

Interesting ideas, like always.  I really do like the visual of old hockey players floating away though... 

Grammar: 2/2  Just one. 


ice floes - homophone, or typo


Also, you love that double space after a period.  Not an error, just a style thing.


Appearance: 1/1


Good format, great pics

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