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Mikaelson is being watched


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Curls of smoke wafted around the android's expertly manufactured head as he sat in his Chevy Volt outside of the arena.  E-Cigarettes had become the Robot Detective's latest bad habit to pick up just for fun.  Knowing that the toxic fumes from the sticks had no effect on his mechanical body made the action a little funny in his positronic brain and at times a whirring sound emanated from within his chest as he laughed in the creepy way he was designed to. 


Reaching up, the Net Detective scrubbed the front window that was slowly fogging up in front of him to give him a good view of the mark's position.  The man he had hired had no idea that he was bait in an elaborate, and ultimately fatal, game of cat and mouse.  He had just left the arena with Mikaelson, as requested, and things looked to be getting somewhat heated.  The VHL player said a few words to him, and then, as expected, he carried out his deed.


Billions of circuits exploded with interest and activity as the Net Detective leaned forwrad, watching the last moments of yet another man's life.  A low humming sound whined as his eyes narrowed slightly; the artificial lenses zooming in to catch as many details as possible of the murder. 


The way Mikaelson drank the other man's blood was of particular interest to the machine, and he stored the visuals away in a folder for later viewing.  This would make seven now.  Seven mortals who foud themselves victims to this strange creature that was not fully human, and yet not machine. 


As Mikaelson made his way back into the arena, the Net Detective started up his vehicle via Bluetooth and the Driverless vehicle quietly pulled away.  He looked forward to his next viewing. 

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