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Claimed:The Truth about The Truth About Spammerino Bots ~ Part 1


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As it has been extensively reported (here and here, and especially here), spammerino bots attacked our precious VHL this week. Many posts were infected. Some fell.
Members of the league have suffered too. Members have had border-line aneurysms.
It has been a sad time. Let's pause for a moment of silence. 


Okay. Silence is over. Let's get to the bottom of this:

There have been conflicting reports on what caused this massive attack.  Some say it's an attack by Nick Barr, the disgruntled former VHL tycoon. Others say it's a conspiracy instigated by one of four shady individuals, who will be revealed at a later time. I tell you, both of these are shams, and I will expose the truth in a way where I completely skew the facts, deciding what I want to be the truth. 
First, the theory about Nick Barr. There's been a lot of talk about this Nick Barr character in the last few days. But it's also a fact that he's only come up in these last few days.  Does it makes sense to you that a character who has been completely out of the picture suddenly shows up to cause a massive bot attack?  What would be his motive?  Does he have the ability?
 (Let's ignore answering any of these questions and move onto something else quickly before you think them through.)
Now, it is claimed that Victor has allegedly stopped the apparent attack. It has also been established that this attack was only apparently done by Nick Barr. But therein lies the problem, and the connection.  Victor has admitted to killing Nick Barr. That's right folks, Victor, the supposed savior, is also a murderer. The proof is right here, in Laichly Rift's 102nd Podcast: How Do Planes Work?.

buried with Nick Barr

Here comes the recap that makes me look like I'm giving real evidence. 
So at this point, we've established two things: Nick Barr was a sorry scapegoat, because him attacking made no sense and is impossible because he's been murdered by our (probably) evil overlord, Victor. 

AND the powers-that-be, such as "Head Grader" Draper, and "Commissioners" Higgins and Victor, are throwing the population onto a wild-goose chase, that cannot possibly end with the capture of a real Nick Barr. 
Now, here comes the real question: Why?  I'll tell you why. It's a robot invasion!
In his "explanation", Draper links us a photo of the headquarters of "Nick Barr": 
What's the point of a shot of a building from so far away?  To distract us, of course
I couldn't be fooled.  I took a closer look at the window of the 46th floor, 9th cubicle from the right, which used to belong to the late Barr. Here's what I found:
Does this look familiar to anyone? Who is this sneaky figure, sitting in the headquarters that apparently belong to the nemesis of the VHL?  It's AIM-11!!!

  • For weeks, Aim-11 has been making great suggestions about the VHL, which are largely going unheard. 
  • There have been "jokes" about putting Aim-11 in a position of power following his great ideas (here)
  • Aim-11 is a robot
  • He already suggested an "Invasion of the Robots". 
  • He's tried to tell us to avoid looking for a robot takeover, and that it's the inevitable progression of evolution!!! Quote below

In recent days there have been some concerns about robots taking over the world. While this is an inevitable outcome of the natural evolution of things, we are a long, long, way away from that happening yet. Further to that, when it does happen, no one will expect it. So worrying about it is basically a waste of time.

And here's the kicker:

Members have had border-line aneurysms.

Has the robot take-over already begun?  Is Aim-11 secretly a ringleader, dangling puppets Higgins and Victor on a string?  Is this why the Top-Prospect game was so late - Higgins was being assimilated?  Is Draper in on the scam, or is he just confused too? What's really going on?! 


Tune in next week for more real truths. 




P.S. It could also be aliens.


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Since I claimed that any robot takeover (if and when it happens) would not come at a time when you would expect it, and you just now wrote an article about it happening, we must then logically conclude that either I was wrong (and it could happen when you expect it), or that you are wrong (and it's not happening right now because this is a time when you would expect it).


I suggest reading old copies of Watchtower Magazine to try and figure out which one of us is telling the truth.


An interesting article Flesh-Creature.

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Or it's already come and we didn't expect it then, and we are now stuck with it.
Or it's the old "so obvious that they won't expect it" ruse. 
Or I'm a crack-pot conspiracy theorist, with a deadline to write a media spot? 


We'll never really know, but I will check out your magazines anyway. 

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