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It's been 22 games, and Dirk Firkley has 33 points.  Not bad.  But it's not good either. There's a problem.  He's not scoring goals. 

It's also not for his lack of trying.  He's taken 160 shots. He's gotten 9 of them in. That's a pathetic 5.63%... up from his ~4.0% last week, since he managed to get a few goals in the most recent games.

Still, for a forward, especially a first-rounder who is expected to perform in the coming seasons, a <6.00% shot percentage is terrible. We asked him about his performance, and here was his answer:


"You know, I just love hockey. I know that's a silly way to start an explanation, but hear me out. I just love hockey, and I got on the ice in my first few years and I just drive toward the net and take a shot. That was it.  For a long time, that got me through.  More recently, however, the quality of player has gone way up. The shots are harder to make and I'm just not controlling the puck the way I should.  I made some errors in what I worked during the off season, and I think I'm going to have to live with them.  I feel like I'm quickly approaching a cap, but I'm sure, next year, the kid gloves are off, and you'll see my percentage go way up. I'm making space, and I'm making the shots. It's just a matter of burying it in the net."


There you have it folks.  From the mouth of Firkley, his excuse for his low scoring.  Let's see if he can't make good on that promise, and maybe clean up as much as he can in the end of this season. 

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