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Da Trifecta

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Niklaus decided that he was bored of taking care of just one victim at a time. He wanted to throw a party. Little did the people know, they were about to become his latest victims. Of course this would be in his private sanctuary, within the confines of his own home. He decided to let his siblings come for a bite to eat as they have not been together in quite some time. Everyone started to arrive and the music started blaring and everyone was dancing and partying. It seemed like easy pickings as Nik walked around and was examining willing bodies. When he walked up to each individual, he would talk with them. During each of those encounters, he would compel them to meet him later in a room upstairs. They were not quite sure was was about to happen but once they all arrived, he explained that they were all about to cease to exist. Quickly he started draining each and every single body of blood until they all lied around in a pile. Once he finished up, he closed the room off and locked it so no one could enter the room. He went back to the party and not a single person suspected a thing. He would dump the bodies off after the party ended and no one was around.

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