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The Naughty List
Christmas is in the air! The allergic reactions that come from the pine-scented house spray, the music of Trans-Siberian Orchestra echoing through the house, the cut-out snowflakes, the unnatural smiles upon the faces of those who seem perennially grouchy, and the announcement of a free doubles week for the VHL are just some clues that point to it being Christmastime. According to Elf (2003), Santa's sleigh runs on Christmas spirit, and each year there seems to be less and less people who believe in the magic of Christmas. As a consequence, there are a growing number of do-no-gooders in the world.
As a rule of thumb, Christmas stories revolve around the good, or at least, the bad who become good (most famous of all being Charles Dickens' Scourge).  So I thought it would be appropriate for this historic article to see who has made Santa's Naughty List from the VHL community. Seldom has anyone in the history of the VHL been banned or suspended. We at the VHL are very tolerable to pretty much anything. It is for this reason that you'd be hard-pressed to find much in the way of bans throughout the boards. The league has not been able to keep very good records of it. So we will try in vain to search for those on the Naughty List among the hundreds of angelic members to come through the VHL.
The earliest cases of bans I found goes back to the ancient era of Season 10-13. This was a time before man had conquered fire, so we didn't think of having a ban thread. As far as anyone can remember, Zimmers was banned for 10 games - most likely for being his usual-trolly self. Nilstrom was also recounted as being banned for acting like a complete coal-getter. The worst of this era was when the VHL had to permanently delete the account of a member for abuse on Janelle. Janelle was a female member on the board who had to deal with many sexist posts. Some were in good fun, others not so much. This particular member went too far, too often, and as a result will forever remain onSanta's/the VHL's Naughty List
Let's fast-forward to the age of technology, where the VHL had its first Ban Thread. The earliest recorded ban was handed down on November 22nd, 2010, by our old, faithful ex-commissioner, David Knight, who sent the ban-hammer crashing on a member by the name of Gunnarson for personal attacks. The next three (and probably four) were all Anderson for excessive posting or releasing personal information without consent. Anderson has been one of the most notorious members in the VHL's illustrious history, so much so that we dedicate not one or two but three emoticons on our current boards to him!  :anderson:  :superautism:  :autism:
The last ban on the z11.inivisionfree forum came ironically on Valentine's Day, 2011. lx_theo (more than likely Anderson) was banned for 96 hours for crude spamming. After that we were convinced that switching to a board advised by Nick Baretta was the smartest thing to do. After months of careful planning and hard work by many members, we finally switched. The day after, Baretta moved to Japan and was never seen again. The board basically exploded and we were forced to move to the forum that currently holds the VHL. 
Here, we have given out 4 real bans (it's not the most professional of threads). InstantRockstar was banned on Feburary 17, 2014 for a personal attack. Zimmers, Gorlab, and Jardy were all to follow. 
Below is a graphic of the suspensions. It would seem that the VHL overall garners the Christmas spirit very well, considering how many members have come through the league. Overall, almost all the members are caring, supportive, helpful, and friendly individuals. I think it's safe to say that if Santa's Sleigh crashes this Christmas Eve, it will not be due to our lack of love. Merry Christmas VHL.
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woah wtf not my fault and u updated now cuz u updated after season started.


I updated on the 9th, the season started on the 11th. Those are facts. 


So Naughty! Spanky! 

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I'll have you remember that Rogue Squadron was banned. 


Haha that is true! I remember that.. but there's no record of it so my pathetic mind can't handle the epic annoyingness that Rogue Squadron was, so it was cast out of my mind.

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Content: 3/3

Interesting and creative coverage on the league's lovely bant list. Sorry for the long wait on the grade, we are just now returning from vacation!


Grammar: 2/2



Appearance: 1/1

Very nice ^.^


Overall: 6/6

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