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Post Practice Interview


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At the end of a practice over the weekend the media caught up with Yukon’s Ryan Cattrall who’s been having an incredible season for his team as they begin to wind down the first half of the season, the media asked questions about his surprisingly improved numbers over the course of the season and where he thinks the team will end up before the playoffs. 


Q: “How’s it be readjusting to being a member of the Yukon Rush?”


A: “There wasn’t much adjusting, the coaching staff is the same. I really was amazed at being afforded the opportunity to make a comeback. The guys in the locker room welcomed me back without a problem. They all knew I was ready to work, that was good enough for them.”


Q: “statically speaking you’re one of the best players in the VHLM at the moment, what’s been your key to success to begin the season and have you changed anything about your approach for the season?”


A: “I haven’t really changed anything. Most people seem to think it must be the skates or something. I’m just really enjoying my teammates and playing back here in Yukon to be honest. We all want to have a successful season and hopefully make the playoffs. I’ve been taking it a game and a practice at a time this season, last season I had to learn to slow down. Rome wasn’t built in a day and good things come to those who wait, and of course do what needs to be done to be ready.” 


Q: “How serious are you taking you’re role as an Alternate Captain?”


A: “Wearing any form of captaincy on your jersey is an honor. I take the “A” very seriously so I try to lead by the best example that I can set…I suppose that’s why I’m playing so great right now, we’ve got a lot of young guys who are hungry and want to improve themselves before heading into the draft. My job is to make gaining experience as easiest as possible. I’ve been here a few seasons I’m supposed to help them out.”  


Q: “Last season you made the second round of the playoffs with the Oslo Storm, where do you see this incarnation of the Yukon Rush fairing at the end of the season?”


A: “The playoffs. I want to right a bit of a wrong from a few season ago, even if it's technically not my wrong to right. I was on the team and I feel like as a group we could’ve made that extra push to make the playoffs. As you can tell, that’s eaten away at me a little bit. I’m bringing a bit of experience in ‘getting’ to the playoffs and actually playing a series but I’m fairly new at that aspect of being in the “big game” atmosphere that’s only a footstep away from the VHL.”


Q: “Can you talk about how you and your line, how’ve you been able to gel so well with them as the season progresses?”


A: “I don’t want to score a ton of goals. (laughs)  That just comes from having really great chemistry at the moment. All credit goes to both Köenig and McJustice for being amazing teammates in allowing me just to play through my game.”


Q: “This is pretty much you’re final season in the VHLM, how excited are you to get back to the Meute and start you’re Rookie season, do you have any regrets for getting such a late start in the VHL?”


A: “Originally after they brought me over the plan was for me to be VHL ready before the start of the season, but plans were changed and I was told I should gear up and try to make the most of a last rites season in the VHLM. I really don’t have any regrets about it, this is hockey, and you’re supposed to learn from the outcomes of games and choices you make while being able to play the sport you love. I wouldn’t change anything about my current situation, next season I’m going to keep working hard and try to provide the Meute with the best version of the wing they traded for.” 

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