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Stop, Drop, Save


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It's been roughly 2 and some weeks since goalie Blake Campbell had entered the VHL and made himself eligible to be placed onto junior waivers. After a lengthy wait, Campbell was picked up by the Minot Gladiators as no one else was taking him. Word around the league was that they were looking to trade the young, promising goalie for extra pieces, however, he has yet to be moved since the day they picked him up. With us now is Blake Campbell to give us some brief A's to our Q's.


Were you happy you went to Minot?


To be honest, I just wanted to go somewhere and it felt like a very long wait for someone to grab me. I know Minot took me more or less out of respect as I am new to the league and then there was the whole trade thing.


What were your thoughts of being picked up by a team and then rumored to be involved in a trade so suddenly?


Whatever. It is what it is and it was a smart move by Minot. I plan to be big in the league so hopefully my value will increase for them, The wait has been long and it's getting really tiring not knowing if today will be my last day with the team. 


Any last words?


Ah, just that I am excited to be apart of this league and look forward to continue my training in the pursuit of becoming an elite starter for someone someday soon hopefully.


258 words.

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