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Harumpf Dominates Christmas Cookies


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5'5" 250 pound Titans Center Oskars Harumpf is not shy about his love for christmas cookies. In fact, he's been dominating christmas cookies for almost a week now as celebratory gifts come into the Helskinki Titan's locker room. Many of these gifts are tins of cookies, which Harumpf immediately opens and begins to devour. Most would call this selfish, but let's look at the facts here, Oskars Harumpf is 5 and a half feet tall and weighs 250 pounds, if there's a cookie within his field of vision, it's going to get eaten. Experts have projected that Harumpf could consume as many as 2000 cookies over the holidays. He's already eclipsed 500 and it's not even christmas yet. The moral of this story is, if you have some christmas cookies you want to eat, do not let Harumpf see them. He may be unselfish on the ice, but when it comes to christmas cookies there are no rules.

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