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Rookie Under Review -- RUR -- Episode One


On this episode of "Rookie Under Review", also referred to as RUR, we take a look at one of the hottest new players to hit the scene. He came into the league in pursuit to make a name for himself and to get the message out that he is on a mission to become an elite starter in the league. We're gonna get to know the guy some more and maybe even ask him some questions that his mom doesn't even know the answer to. Are you ready? Because we are! Ladies and gentlemen, Minot Gladiators new backup, Blake Campbell. When Blake Campbell's name finally got picked off free waivers a few weeks ago, he wasn't as pleased with how things went down. The young goalie came into the league a little later than the rest of his fellow junior players and had to wait under 2 days before being picked up by the Minot Gladiators. Minot had taken the goalie off the waiver market and into their organization, however, speculation around the league suggests that the reasoning Minot had chosen Campbell was because of the small complications he helped cause in the "Transaction's Media" section.

Blake Campbell Says:

"I came into the league really wanting to make a name for myself. I dedicated a lot of time and effort right off the bat to improving my skills in attempt to become a strong goalie for whoever I play for in the junior and pro league. While I understand that most teams maybe didn't need a goalie, it was still a frustrating wait. You can say I was extremely excited to come into the league and show it what I've got. I'm here and I want to please my teammates, management and league with hopeful, great player dedication and top notch stats".


It's true. The guy truly has been a class act as he continues to display a large amount of dedication and drive as he pursues his dream of becoming one of the best goalies to ever put the pads on in the VHL. As many know, lots have gone into this league with the exact same dream as Blake and you have to remember that most of them failed. So what sets Blake Campbell apart from the rest of the goalies? We can start with the fact that it's all about who you know in most professional sports. If your father played or your family friends, or something along those lines, your chances are better of making the big leagues. It's just a weird pattern that seems to be common in a lot of professional sports. Blake Campbell knows a guy who knows a guy and that guy is professional player agent from the Simulation Hockey League, Banackock. He's already led a huge player to successful start in the SHL and looks to do the same in the VHL.

Banackock says:

"My other client is from the Simulation Hockey League and his name is Magnus Jakobsen. He was drafted 9th overall in the pro drafts and has since become the highest TPE earner. On top of that, during his now 4th season in the league, he's leading goals scored and is 3rd for overall points. For my clients, I want the best whether it be in the SHL or VHL. We bring our game and we expect you to bring yours. Blake Campbell is a great young guy who is really excited to be welcomed into the VHL so warmly. Often he is speaking to me via text or on the phone about how excited he is to get his first start".


A great day it would be for Blake Campbell, however, since being picked by the Minot Gladiators the kid hasn't seen a single minute of play. Understandably off the start as he was behind both goalies for TPE due to his late start, however, you would think that the goalie would be rewarded for his hard work. When will the Minot Gladiators give the kid a game and see what he can do? He's worked his nuts off for the team so far so we're excited to see how things play out over the next little while here. When will this top goalie prospect get his first start? How long will the Gladiators hold him back?

Blake Campbell says:

"I think I am fine with it. Obviously I would like to be playing and obviously that affects my interest level in viewing the sim results. You know, I'm here to win but it's actually different than a players mindset. I'm happy if we're winning yes, but I should be the guy that's in net and getting us the victories. I'm upset but I understand it's apart of the game. I'm also not sure if I will get a strong opportunity in Minot but I will keep working at getting better and for now I will..

Stay Sharp, Playing Little.

826 words,3 pics - Just an article! :) Merry Christmas VHL :)

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Alright. So somebody told me it was a free doubles week for Christmas... Meaning we get 12 TPE Free for Xmas... cool... So does this mean that this PT will be for next week Dec - 29 - Jan 4th? or is it still this weeks? Or is the Free doubles week meaning we geta  week off where we dont have to write and we get 12 TPE? sigh... lol


Somebody tried telling me that I still have to write an article for it (So I did)... Somebody also told me I get free TPE (So I did also)... which is it?



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This is for next week and will be doubled then. Who told you that you had to write an article?

I can't remember who now as all my chats closed.


But thanks for answering man! That's great news!


PLEASE USE THIS MEDIA SPOT FOR DEC 29th, 2014 To JAN 4th, 2015. 

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  • Senior Admin

Yes counting it for this week is no trouble


Content: 3/3

Nice article overall, your playtime might be limited right now but I expect as the season and your career progresses you will be getting more and more ice time, especially if you keep up the great articles!


Grammar: 2/2

Very good.


Appearance: 1/1

Looks good!


Overall: 6/6

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