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With only a week left in 2014 I look back at the year that was for me in the Victory Hockey League. The year starting off with me in the position I’ve had forever as the GM of the Seattle Bears and looking to challenge for another championship, sadly that ended in a tire fire. In March I had a friend past away and it was difficult time in my life. I made the decision to step away from the Bears and the VHL, which was a mistake but it was a needed time away. When I decided that I wanted to make a comeback a month later I thought I’d have some fun and see if I could get 50 PMs from members. I then was sent 50 PMs from members and just like that I was back in VHL for one last great player. I then created Devin Sundberg and was drafted by the first ever team I was drafted by the Vasteras IK. That didn’t last long as I was traded a couple days later to the Edgar lead Toronto Legion, a team I had hated for 20+ season in Seattle. I’m now a quarter way through my 3rd season in Toronto as Sundberg and I’m not as active as I was in the past but I’m starting to get my legs back and I hope for a strong 2015.  
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