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Merry Christmas VHL


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I hope everyone had a great holiday with their families and friends. I sure did as I've eaten way too much cookies and chocolates, spent my whole day with family, and got a great haul of gifts including Borderlands the Presequel, NHL 15, and some nice clothes :3


I am so tired of cookies and chocolates its ridiculous, yet for Christmas I got a lot of nice fancy chocolates :P


I enjoyed Christmas with my real family, but I also wanted to say thank you to my VHL family. I spend a lot of hours a week on here and really enjoy interacting with you people as I chat with a lot of people daily 


- Mike never chats back :(

- Jamie always winds up mad at me :(

- Draper u suk

- Ramicus I swear if you give me one more quote......

- Munk makes me giggle

- Jason is always an interesting talk

- Flyersfan chats me when we are both on vhl even though we are in the same house together cause he's too lazy to get up and talk to me


Lastly, usually it's a bad thing when there's no new posts on here, but today there was barely any news posts! This is great, as it means people were spending plenty of time with family so yay for everyone


Merry Christmas Chanukah day VHL

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