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In 2015 I will hit my fourth year of VHL activity. I joined the VHL all the way back in July of 2011. Because I can, and because this is the nature of a Fan590, I decided to just do some reflecting. While I'm hardly one of the oldest members here, it still feels strange to me to have seen so much come and go and so many years pass through. Logan Laich is my third player in the VHL and he is already over halfway done his career.I have gone from a very quiet new member to a three paragraph poster who was jokingly ignored to a prominent member of the BoG and someone who has had a crazy long running podcast series. Although I'm still mostly ignored, unless someone can blame me for something. :P


But honestly the crazy thing about the VHL in my experiences isn't just all the changes. It's the things that have remained the same. Jardy has been simmer my entire time in the VHL. While I have seen an overhaul of a Commish team, the dedication the admins have had in preserving the integrity and quality of this league has remained impressive. Sterling in particular and his dedication to seeing this league live on and on has always been impressive. Never more so than when the previous site went down and work was done to get us up and running again. Some of the constant members over the last four years who have helped make this experience fantastic not just for me but for others has always been crazy. Members like Victor, Kendrick, Jericho, Advantage, STZ, Green, Frank. Even members who aren't around anymore, such as the Funks. 


These reflections just lead to me believe that there is few struggles the VHL won't power through. So for this holiday season I want every member of this league, whether you are getting barbie and ken dolls like Kesler or getting a glass of rum like Jardy to pat yourselves on the back. Through all the drama and the bullshit and the debating and the bickering we still make this an excellent site to be on. 

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