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A Serious Christmas Address


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Well VHL, another Christmas has come and gone. And a Merry Yohoho to you all. I do hope it was filled with all the wonder, charm, magic, and stuffed bellies that you could have only imagined possible. 


Christmas means something different to everyone. We all have our own ideas of what Christmas means. Personally (as I can attest to with my facebook post) Christmas is a time for friends and family. It's a time for giving, and giving alone. One of my pet peeves (to which I do only have a very limited few) is  - and I actually get infuriated by this question, because to me, it is the epitome of everything Christmas isn't - but this pet peeve is "What did you get for Christmas?" or "Was Santa good to you this year?"


Why is everything centered around materialistic possessions? I can't believe I'm referencing this, but in Papa Roach's song Between Angels & Insects, they raise this precise thought. It's too bad the World is based on greed.... There's no money, there's no possessions, only obsessions, I don't need that shit... You just can't win.. The things you own, own you. 


If I could have one wish this Christmas, it wouldn't be something I could quantify in a materialistic fashion. It wouldn't be a new belt, more video games, 20-year old scotch, or all the protein powder I could ingest without shitting all over the carpet. It wouldn't be a new album from Aimee Mann, or for Labatte to stop producing beers that didn't taste like liquid cat urine. It would be simply that everyone cherish those they love. Not just every now and again meet up and hug, or exchange small talk to keep face. Not to, from time-to-time, spew out the words 'I love you' when they think it's right to, but to specifically make the conscious decision to take the time out of their day to stop and think about why they say that phrase. What makes that person special to them. What do they provide that is important to them?  I must admit I do not always do this. That's why Christmas is so magical to me. It's a yearly reminder of who I am and who's important in my life. In this fast paced world everyone is always thinking ahead of the game, instead of taking the time to actually play it.


I've said my piece. What does Christmas mean to you?

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