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A Goaltender Away [6/6 Final]

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A Goaltender Away


From afar, it would appear that the Legion still have a long way to go before being considered a legitimate threat in the VHL.  They have a very mediocre record, barely earning more than a single point per game and currently sit 13 points behind the third place Wranglers, well outside playoff position as we approach the midway point in the season.  They are one of four teams who have a negative goal differential and while the Legion's is not quite as bad as that of the Bears, Dynamo, or Vikings, -11 simply is not cutting it.  On top of this, Toronto is an extremely young team with only two players not currently in their first or second season in the VHL.  To put it frankly, it seems that the Legion have a lot of work to do if they ever hope to win a Continental Cup with their current core group of players.


Upon closer inspection, though, this team is not as far off or even nearly as poor as one would think.  Although they have a very young roster, most of these players are very much VHL caliber and able to play with anyone in the league.  On top of that, Tyler Cote, Sachimo Zoidberg, and Jerrick Poole are already among the top talent in the league and proving that with fairly gaudy numbers.  That is not to discount the rest of the team either as the Legion already have one of the deepest rosters in the league.



Tyler Cote is already establishing himself as one of the league's most well-rounded players.


In addition, the Legion have played even some of the best teams in the league remarkably tightly, despite what their record would indicate.  Of their nineteen losses this season, Toronto has lost just seven by more than a single goal and only two by more than two goals, both of which were in the first five games of the season.  Over a third of the team's games have required overtime and they have a .500 or better record against the Wranglers, Titans, and Express in addition to each of the other three teams outside of playoff position.


The most obvious thing about the Legion, though, is their need for a goaltender.  They are one of three teams without a regular starter in addition to Davos and Stockholm, all of whom likely will not make the playoffs this season.  This is not a coincidence, however, and this need for Toronto may be the one thing holding the team back.  Having a subpar goaltender required them to employ a more defensive strategy, hindering their ability to showcase their wealth of offensive talent and leaving the Legion unable to utilize their biggest strengths.  With a reliable goaltender, they will be free to unleash their young talent and truly show off how strong a roster they have from top to bottom.



Sachimo Zoidberg has unquestionable offensive talent but are the Legion's strategies holding him back?


Luckily, the Season 41 Entry Draft likely has provided the Legion with their goalie of the future.  While they were unable to nab the goaltending phenom who is Niklaus Mikaelson, Toronto scored two solid young tenders in Fedir Okranitz and David Blind.  While Blind isn't quite showing excellent progression in the VHLM, Okranitz is justifying his first round selection with strong performances that have enabled the Yukon Rush to sit atop the North American Conference with the best record in the minor leagues.  This is inspiring a very optimistic view towards the future within the Toronto organization as Okranitz very well may be the key to their cup hopes in the coming seasons.  Expected to make his debut in Season 42, the Legion are gearing up to have a breakout season in which their years of rebuilding and establishing a solid core should finally come to fruition.

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Content: 3/3

Nice write up on the current state of affairs in Toronto. I would agree, obviously, the the biggest piece Toronto is missing is a goalie. I think Okranitz, or Mook, will be a great netminder for you guys if he keeps on the pace he has been on so far.


Grammar: 2/2

Nice work.


Appearance: 1/1



Overall: 6/6

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