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Claimed:Patrick Demko Mid-Season Interview


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Patrick Demko, a 17 year old Indianapolis Native, is making a name for himself as the season is tolling along. As he continues to improve, so does his team. Currently the Yukon Rush lead the VHLM with an impressive 29-3-1 record. Patrick Demko sat down with us to speak about himself, his teammates, and the success of the team as a whole.



Mike Hunt: Hello, everyone. This is Mike Hunt for Yukon Sports. Today we have Patrick Demko with us. Patrick is currently leads the Yukon Rush with an average 30 minutes of time on ice and is steadily holding his own out there as a young player. Patrick, it’s great to have you here, thanks for joining us.


Patrick Demko: No problem, Mike. Thanks for having me.


MH: Right now, we’re midway through the season, and obviously your team is playing tremendously. Did you guys expect to have the success you’re having right now?


PD: I think, with the team we have, we certainly expected to be successful, but how can you predict something like this? I’m glad that we’re able to do what we’re doing. You can tell that everyone’s hard work is paying off.


MH: What do you think is the biggest contribution to the success of the team?


PD: Nothing in particular, we’re just firing on all cylinders right now as a unit. Everyone knows there role and understands what we need to accomplish in order to win consistently, and I think that’s paying off so far.


MH: Alright, let’s shift the focus to you, personally right now. Offensively, you don’t seem to be having the best season. Right now you have 14 points in 33 games. Is that something that you’re worried about with the amount of ice time you've been receiving?


PD: No, not at all. If I wanted to score a bunch of points I’d play as a forward. Some guys love to score goals and get assists, but my favorite part of the game is preventing goals and breaking up plays, and that’s what I’m going to continue to do. I think I’m receiving the amount of ice time that I’m getting because I can successfully do these things.


MH: Let’s talk about you’re defensive play so far. You’re currently logging in about 30 minutes of ice time a night, which is more than anyone else on the team. You also lead the team with 55 shots blocked and are tied for third on the team with a +45 +/-. What is causing you to play so well defensively?


PD: Well, when we’re clicking so well as a unit, it’s not that hard to do. Like I said before, everyone’s doing their part to help this team win, and when everyone plays their role, it makes it a lot easier to just focus on your own play.


MH: How have you been getting along lately with your defensive partner, Brandon Holmes?


PD: We've been getting along great. On the ice, he’s a great person to emulate. He’s just so good on both ends of the ice. Off the ice he’s no different. He’s a great person and a great player.


MH: How do you see things going for the Yukon Rush throughout the rest of the season?


PD: I’m not sure, but hopefully more of the same. We’ve been consistent up to this point, I don’t see any reason why we can’t keep playing like this.


MH: It’s been a pleasure speaking with you, Patrick. Good luck during the rest of the season.

PD: Thanks, Mike. 

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Content: 3/3

Nice job. Sorry for the lateness of the grade, we're still recovering from Christmas break! Interviews are a great way to tell the readers a bit about your player and his character, and you did it well so good work.


Grammar: 2/2



Appearance: 1/1

Maybe a title next time, but you did do some colouring so thats good.


Overall: 6/6

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