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Campbell fights the flu


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It must be hard to be one of the most promising up and coming goalies in the league, especially considering the TPE whore goaltender has yet to get a start in net for the Minot Gladiators. Recently, Jack Campbell had surpassed the Gladiator's inactive back up goalie and feels like he's on his way to stardom. He's currently sitting at 79 TPE and counting and has no intentions on slowing down. However,the young goalie has recently hit a small speed bump in his career, although it was not necessarily his fault. 


During one of his recent games, of course on the bench, the young goalie had somehow managed to pick up the flu while sitting on the bench in the opposing teams arena. I'm sure you're thinking "oh, it's just the flu" but the funny thing is how he managed to get the flu. 



"Brampton Blades supposedly had the best pizza slices in the league and the things are bigger than the average slice of pizza. Night after night I sit on the bench doing absolutely nothing, studying the game and my opponents in hopes of one day getting a start in goal. Sometimes I get hungry on the bench and I get caught eating burgers and the odd beer during game time. May as well have fun right? Well, their pizza had slices of green pepperoni. I thought whatever, must be some sort of thing to get them to sell more. Yup.. I've been shitting fire and chocolate sludge/mud for the last 3 days. Not a good feeling. My ass hasn't left the toilet since Saturday."


So there you have it folks. Is this the start of a scandal? Is Brampton purposely trying to poison some of the leagues players to get an edge on their opponents? Hmm.. 



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