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Claimed:CHL Profile (OHL Edition) [6/6]


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CHL Profile (OHL Edition)


Hello everyone and welcome back to an article written by yours truly for many years in the Victory Hockey League. The last article in this series was profiling the stars and prospects in the Victory Hockey League that came from the Western Hockey League originally. The joy of that article was that it only covers one fourth of the landscape we want to cover in this entire series! So why don't we go to a very productive league that has turned out some of the best players the NHL, VHL and AHL hockey leagues have ever seen; the Ontario Hockey League.




The Ontario Hockey League is a league that's main priority seems to be the teachings of the offensive side of the game. Often times this league has been known to be a very explosive league where the highest scorers in the CHL seem to come from.  If you were to compare the WHL, OHL and QMJHL for how high the NHL entry draft selections are, you most likely will see the OHL at the top. With location being a key factor in develop and exposure, these players often play in front of the biggest crowds at the junior level. Team range from Canadian to American which is surprising as the OHL branches south of the 49th parallel much like the WHL. Today you will get insight on some relations between the OHL teams in place currently and the VHL stars you see today. Enjoy and don't forget to rep your roots!




The Soo Greyhound (Sault Ste. Marie) are a proud bunch and one that boast a very impressive history. The red and white have been to the Memorial Cup a total of four times in historic franchise history. At one point they had been to it three straight years and in the third year walked out with their first ever Memorial Cup Championship. Of course you can imagine they've had some very successful players and staff during that time as well. Former players Paul Coffey, Ron Francis and Wayne "The Great One" Gretzky all were once members of the Greyhounds; and are now all NHL Hall-of-Famers. Joe Thornton, Robin Lehner and Jake Muzzin have all come from the Greyhounds and currently find homes in NHL cities. Gifford Shock who is a HC Davos Dynamo rookie sensation was also a Greyhound. Unfortunately his career with the OHL franchise was cut short because of a knee injury. That injury may have ruined his chances at the National Hockey League, but we are glad he continued to play and now graces a VHL lockerroom.




The Kitchener Rangers have a habit of producing talent and excellence from top to bottom in their franchise. Having won the Memorial Cup twice in their storied history and making a total of six appearances, they know success. So does their coach Troy Smith who played under ex-Devils head coach Peter DeBoer and Steve Spott in his playing career with the Plymouth Whalers. Mike Richards, Steve Mason and longtime Carolina Hurricanes forward Jeff Skinner have all graced the Rangers uniform. Little did we know, but Al MacInnis was also a Kitchener Ranger back in his day, which is where he honed his wicked slapshot. The Cologne Express are glad the Rangers develop young players as well, because Nicolas Caprivi who currently plays for them graduated from the Kitchener scene. Caprivi is in his rookie campaign with the Express and is hoping his days with the Rangers can help him in his Victory Hockey League career.




What do we say about a franchise that has groomed probably some of the most polished players in the history of the modern game. With the likes of John Tavares, Bo Horvat and Rick Nash all flourishing in their NHL cities respectively, the Knights have been developing prospect quite well recently. Their history shows they have done it longer than that though, as of 2014 the London Knights has gone to the Memorial Cup four times and have won it once. They've been the OHL champions six times in their history as well (which consists of a stint as the London Nationals). Current Saskatoon Wild centerman Griffin Simons is also a member of the London Knight alumni and is often seen watching their games if he is in the area. Simons is another Davos draft prospect who looks to make the leap to the professional level next season for the Dynamo.




Technically this franchise goes all the way back to 1943, but they have relocated to four different cities in that time and have gone by many different names. The history doesn't change when it comes to their accolades though. The Spirit are a franchise coached by former fifteen year NHL veteran Greg Gilbert and former Calgary Flames bench boss. Gilbert has coached the team and had the pleasure of working with juniors players on sharpening their skills for the future. Brandon Saad, T.J. Brodie and current Columbus Blue Jackets defensemen Dalton Prout have all had the honour of donning the Saginaw jersey in their career. Not to be outdone though, Tyler Cote of the Toronto Legion has also donned the Spirit jersey. Cote was selected very early in the Season 40 VHL entry draft and is the main piece for the Toronto Legion going forward.


Hope you enjoyed this edition, be sure to check out future editions of this on-going series! Next week we take a look at the players coming from the QMJHL (Quebec Major Junior Hockey League). For Junior Profiling I am your host Joey Kendrick signing off.

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Content: 3/3

Clever topic. Was a great read, I hope to see more of these in the future! 


Grammar: 2/2

develop = development


Appearance: 1/1

Looks good.


Overall: 6/6

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