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Should David Be Hosting KnightTime Podcast?


Should David Be Hosting KnightTime Podcast?  

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The debates rages on.


The buzzfeed has been zipping around faster than a fly hyped up on maple syrup. 


The KnightTime Podcast is back and as it happens, there has been a switch-around in the host of the show. It used to be David Knight who would introduce us and leads the discussions in the Podcast with Phil Knight providing some arbitrary answers and lovely banter and adding that humour and spark that gives the term "colour commentator" its meaning.


However, since the revamp of the show, the tables have turned. It is now Phil who is hosting and David providing the colour. 


There are always differences of opinions and preferences that will or won't be matched but some radio critics are screaming for things to go back to the way they were. Some say that Phil's personality just fits the role of the co-host better while others argue that with him at the fore-front, he'll draw the listeners into the podcast. 


In the end, this is just an article and a poll to make you guys active in hopes that you tune in some time in the New Year. Publicity is key and I doubt I'll listen to the results of this poll. Ima keep hosting this bitch! LaTer!

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