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Should we split the defense stat in 2 ?


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"TPE Whore", "Inflation" and "99 everywhere" are today's most discussed topics (except for Kim K's ass). Many have tried to find a solution to those "problems". Well, is there a solution ? Today, I'll try to find one and see if it's a good idea.


When I first joined the league, I was surprise to see that there was only one defensive stat. Well, what I mean is I was used to see in my EHM Leagues stats like "Checking", "Positionning" and "Hitting". On STHS, it's only "Defense". Well, let's scratch "Checking" and "Hitting" since they are pretty much the same. So in comparison, in EHM, we have "Checking (Poke Check)" and "Positioning" and in STHS, we have "Defense". We can all agree that STHS is a way superior sim engine, my point isn't that, but since the offensive aspect of the game is spared on 3 aspects (Scoring, Passing and Stick Handling) I found it strange to only have 1 stat for "Defense"


So here's my proposition : Double the update scale for the defensive stats. I'll write some pros and cons of this and we'll see if this is a good idea.


Pros :

  • Realism : Well, some might say this is a Cons because it's unrealistic to have an stats that require the double of TPE to be at the same point of another stats. But my point is that, it will be a little bit more difficult to have some 2 way defensemen or some 2 way forwards with that. I mean, we see often some maxed out forward with 99 defense easily.
  • Player Build : With that in mind, player agent will have a certain new way to build their player. Offensive defensemen will have more difficulties to build there defensemen 99 scoring 99 passing and 99 defense (are they offensive defensemen with those stats ? well, I don't think so) and a defensive forward won't have necessarily 99 in the 3 offensives stats too.

Cons : 

  • History : Beautiful as it is, the VHL history can be a pain in the ass. Yes, I said it. VHL's history is cockblocking most of the new ideas incoming since "it wouldn't be fair for everyone who wants to break records". Well, this is true, having a stats with the double of the update scale will reduce the OA by a good margin and it wouldn't be comparable with other player. The league have been running a certain way and most people will say that we should keep this going.
  • Is it necessary ? : Some people might not agree that the defensive stats is "flatten" since there is the Checking stats in the sim engine. But, checking doesn't seem like an important stats. Let me explain. Since we doesn't see how much turnovers our player do or create (Thanks to V1) checking hasn't been a really discussed has something really useful. Some people voluntary build their player without checking because it cost penalties to the team and doesn't seem quite "useful"
  • We prone an offensive game : VHL is all about individual stats. Raising that will make  things more difficult to member who aren't TPE whores and make players cry like babies and leave the site. We all know that Inactives Scrub > Recreates


My Final thought : It's a stupid idea, the old boys club run this shit for 7 years and it doesn't need to be changed. Fuck you GUMBY



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  • Senior Admin

I once thought the update scale increase was a good idea, but I think Victor has a good point that there are only a handful of people in the TPE whore category and increasing the scale would alienate the welfare players/other low-earners. 

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well, it's not about tpe whoring, now if someone do 9 tpe a week, he will eventually hit 99 everywhere (Like you, STZ etc)

and I don't consider that as TPE whore since you don't boost your tpe amount with uncapped tpe and recruitement tpe.

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The reason I ask is that if it starts by grandfathering it in (the act of introducing it upon new arrivals/draft classes) you run the risk of having about 3-4 years of players who have it easy and young players having no chance to compete. Thus you'd have a 4 year gap of the rookies having absolutely no chance at competing in the VHL.

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I for one am not a fan, but thats because when you get into how you'd put it in, you'd piss off more people than you want too. Its the balance between if it's a need or if it's a want. Right now it looks more like a want with too more negatives than positives.

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