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First Batch:

2hqxrmw.jpg - Shea Weber 

wqzsip.jpg - Ray Emery

rrs08j.jpg - Ryan Callahan

rivetcut.jpg - Craig Rivet

jakubvoracek.png - Jakub Voracek

Second Batch:

AVS- Varla - Semyon Varlamov

AVS - Tang - Alex Tanguay

AVS - Landy - Gabriel Landeskog

AVS - E.Johnson - Erik Johnson

AVS - Mac - Nathan MacKinnon

AVS - PA - PA Parenteau

AVS - ROR - Ryan O'Reilly

SWE - Fors - Peter Forsberg

AVS - Landy - Gabriel Landeskog

MIN - Parise - Zach Parise

MIN - Parise2 - Zach Parise

MIN - Darcy - Darcy Kuemper

MIN - Suter - Ryan Suter

MIN - Mikko - Mikko Koivu

PITT - Letang - Kris Letang

EDM - Nuge - Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

PHI - Vinny - Vinny Lecavalier

CHI - Hossa - Marian Hossa

LAK - Brown - Dustin Brown

COL - Tally - Maxime Talbot

NYI - Grab - Michael Grabner

TOR - Kad - Nazim Kadri

NSH - Jones - Seth Jones

MON - AG - Alex Galchenyuk

A Cut Database I found of old school cuts from different teams! Cuts

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Yeah I found them online. Some are small and the others aren't cut the best but they work. The whole stigma behind needing a huge render pic is overblown I think. People can make the small ones like Voracek work. I'll be scouting more places out

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Nah, if you have a bigger render, you can work with a lot more pixels, the render effects are way better and you have some possibility with some specific render area. Plus, if you are doing a cut, make it that you can use it on a background/large art too. A small render is useless and a waste of time imo <------(take that in consideration)

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I won't because thats one person opinion, some are able to work with smaller renders as well as I've seen and talked to many on here and SHL about which renders they use. It's a matter of preference really. I was talking sigs, not background/image art. I also didn't cut these haha

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Of course it's not, but like I said I didn't cut them haha. I shared it because I found it. Some can use them for what they are which was why I did

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