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Hurley Leading the Wranglers to an Unexpected Season


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Rookie captain Marcus Hurley has been doing a great job taking over the reigns as captain after the Wranglers traded former captain Travis Boychuck.

Hurley has managed to captain the Wranglers to a decent record this season. They are looking to be in the playoffs when everyone thought they would be a team that would be worse then most others. Even the Wranglers themselves have suprised themselthemselves rookie skaters Hurley and Iginla have acquired some serious Chem over the season. Along with Kez Kincaid who is also tearing it up with the boys. This team has a bright future.

Here is a statement from Hurley, " Well I am doing what I can to lead these guys to vivictory. I have huge shoes to fill being the captain after Boychuck but I am going to probe it to the league that I am going to be the best captain I can be and lead this young Wrangler team to the playoffs and if we keep the wins up maybe the finals. But luck would have to be on our side. We have to give major props to our goalie. Brookside been doing amazing for us. All we gotta do is score goals because he is so dependable in the net. As long as we can manage to score we usually win. It's been fun for sure. I spent two seasons in the VHLM with minot and I was bored of the minors I wanted to join the wranglers as soon as possible. Now that I have I'm glad that Jason called me up."

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