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Hickey passes spliff in Jamaica, gets too drunk on Christmas eve.

Mr. Hickey

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According to reports, and a missing persons report filed by Joseph Roy III, player agent Austin Hickey was apparently in Jamaica for the past 9 days with family. The internet in Jamaica also sucks, so Austin was not able to keep in constant contact with his player. He was instead getting way too drunk on Christmas. Some other activities involved Horseback riding, tubing, kayaking, and snorkeling. After 9 days of over indulgence and beach time Austin has finally returned home to Dallas where he finally logged in Joseph Roy's practice hours.  


Roy has been playing fantastic as of late though and only hopes to get better as his agent returns and as he gets to the VHLM threshold of 175 practice hours. With 31 goals on the season he is tied with the team lead and seems to be scoring every game as of late. Roy looks to play even better as to raise his stock in the VHL draft.





Glad to be back.

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