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Helsinki New Years


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The Helsinki Titans celebrated New Years in style with Don Draper hosting everyone at his house in the Helsinki Fjords. It was hard to get there, everyone had to take a boat, but it was worth it. He's got a great place and he flew in the Finnish Bikini team to serve as waitresses. Harumpf was pretty excited about this because with him being 5'5" his head was at the exact same level as their boobs. Needless to say Harumpf had a very enjoyable night. He got hammered and kept untying the bikini string from the girls and running off with it while King Czar tooks quick snap shots at just the right moment. These have all been posted in Hartwall Arena's Titan Titty Thread, which if you're not a member of the Titans, you're shit out of luck and will never see it. Besides the boobs, the Titans had a great night, lots of good food and drinks followed by a late night game of shinny, which is always fun while drunk. Harumpf also slept with 2 of the bikini models so he was pretty happy. Hopefully his wife doesn't find out and King Czar didn't take any pictures of that, otherwise there could be trouble in the Helsinki locker room.

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