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Harumpf Gives Back to Community



Oskars Harumpf poses with his wife Olga in holiday costumes (notice her tiny hands).


Oskars Harumpf and his tiny-handed wife Olga gave back to the community this Christmas in a way that nobody else was capable of. They served as elves for Helsinki's annual holiday gift give away for the needy and very much looked the part. Everyone's knows Harumpf is just 5'5" and has a unique build, naturally his wife is of similar stature. Given their size, they were perfect candidates to play holiday elves for this event. Oskars was approached by the Helsinki Holiday Committee a few days before Christmas and asked if he would serve as an elf for the event. He quickly accepted and when they asked if he knew anyone else that would make a good elf, he offered his wife's services. The Holiday Committee was thrilled to hear this as they had no idea Harumpf was married to a local celebrity. Olga is the the winner of Helsinki's Tiny Hand Competition for 3 years running.


Harumpf's wife Olga has the smallest hands in Helsinki, which is one of the reasons Harumpf married her. If you don't know the advantages of your wife having tiny hands, feel free to message the author of this article and he will enlighten you. It's truly the gift that keeps on giving.


Harumpf and Olga were happy to spend time with those less fortunate and get to know the Helsinki community a little better. They handed out presents to all the boys and girls and everyone thought they were really Santa's little helpers. Kids took pictures with them and many lasting memories were made. Harumpf and Olga were not at all offended to be playing elves, they embrace their unique bodies and have been known to dress up as Ewok's on Halloween, so this wasn't that big of a stretch. Harumpf really enjoyed this day and even made a special new friend. 



Little Eduardo or "Harumpf Jr" poses with his gift.


Little Eduardo was one of the boys Harumpf had a chance to meet and gave him the gift of a toy Zamboni. Eduardo reminded Harumpf a lot of himself at the same age. Eduardo was 3'7" and weighed 150 pounds at just 5 years old. Harumpf was almost the exact same size at the same age. Harumpf and Eduardo really hit it off and after a while everyone was calling Eduardo "Harumpf Junior." The real Harumpf liked this little chubby kid so much he gave his family season tickets to Titan's home games and all you can eat hot dogs. There was no questions little Eduardo was going to make good on that latter part of that gift. It was a great feeling for Harumpf and tiny-handed Olga to be able to do something special for the community and impact the lives of many needy children, especially Eduardo and his family.


It's wonderful to give back to the community and we wish we'd see more events like this from teams around the VHL. Harumpf and Olga left the event feeling better than they had in years. What they may lack in height, they definitely make up for in heart. Happy Holidays.


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Content: 3/3

Good to see you got the article written again :P I think it's pretty accurate from what the first one was, pretty impressive memory tbqh.


Grammar: 2/2



Appearance: 1/1

Looks good!


Overall: 6/6

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