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Victim #14 (Kinda)

Da Trifecta

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It seems as if he really had nothing to worry about. He thought that someone was catching on to him and he was playing it safe. Obviously he always does but he has started to become a little more ruthless now. Picking out his prey is rather easy but sometimes it gets rather amusing at times. The way he picks his prey is that usually he tries to make sure there is something wrong with the person. There are other times that he really doesn't care and he just plucks someone away immediately. This time he decided that he wanted another minion. So he grabbed a young lady who was around the age of 19 and he grabbed her and ran into the alley. She tried to scream, but he compelled her to not scream. He told her that she was about to experience something new with her life and it was going to be better. Now she didn't have to worry about normal things that humans do. He quickly bit into her but didn't drain all of her blood. He made her drink human blood from someone else and she would become his next vampire soldier. It seems she wasn't the only one, but the one talked about recently.

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