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Hall of Fame Players by Position

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22 minutes ago, Bushitroll said:

Karnage was a LW and is listed as D


He started his career as a D. That is what is going on here. I asked and the people have voiced their opinions when it came to position changes.

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Fun quick observations after noticing I'm now the only member with two HOF goaltenders:


2x HOF Centers:

@Victor (Berger, Chershenko)

@sterling (Jonsson, Slaughter)


2+x HOF Defencemen:

@Knight (Night, Henman, Walcott)

@sterling (Labatte, Bencharski)

@Kendrick (Kendrick, Richardson)


Weirdly enough, nobody has been able to repeat offend at wing. Also weirdly enough, Phil and Boom have somehow not managed to repeat offend at one position.

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