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VHLM This Week (January 4,2015)


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Welcome to :vhlm: VHLM This Week.

TPE Earners


Check out the Fantasy Zone. There are two zones, the VHLM version and the VHL version.

*Anyone can join the VHL fantasy zone, only VHLMers can join the VHLM zone. So go on and jump into both to try and double your gains!*

Most weeks both zones will only have 2 options for you. a) Pick 'em. You are given 4 games and you choose the winners of those 4 games. If you choose correctly and all 4 teams you chose are winners, you are awarded +1 TPE. b.) Predict the score. You are given 1 game and you must choose the winner and the final score. If you are right, you get awarded +3 TPE.


Player store is open again. Use your newly earned contract money to improve your player or see yourself in the mag!




The S41 Trade Deadline was announced. It will be Saturday, January 10. Keep your eyes and ears open for moves and be aware of you getting traded!


Rookie Profiles/Biographies have been tweaked a bit to help separate the two. Check out the differences and if you've started either of them, finish it up and turn it now under the old rubric before the new one takes hold.


Keep an eye out on the job postings, recently there were two openings in the field of writing, one for grading and the other for the VHL mag. A job is a good way to contribute to the league and help keep the wheels spinning, on top of earning some extra TPE.


The VHL has their Instagram account up and running. Just for following with your account, you get +1 TPE. Simply follow them and then post in the thread. Good to see social media expanding for the league.



Here are some media spots and Fan590s I was looking at I thought you guys might find to be funny or a good read.


Edition 63 of On the Rise is out, the mag crew works really hard on it so make sure you check it out if you aren't. They seem to post a new edition on Monday, so read that in a hurry, then check out the new one in the next few days.


The Hero (Part 3) of George Patton's ongoing adventures came out. A great read so far, check it out. If you missed it, here's part 2.


Patrick Demko did an interview to share his experiences as a part of the VHLM leading Yukon Rush. Very informative and a good read.


You can check out all the weekly updates in media or fan590s.




We'll take a quick look at some signatures. These are all made by users and we think these are really well done and recommend you check them out and other submitted sigs on ideas on how to make your own better.


Griffin Simons made this patriotic sig for Freedom McJustice. It's obvious that he's new to the GFX scene and we can't wait to see what else he brings as he gains more skill with it.


Coca Cola (Bojo) returned from inactivity and his first PT back is this great looking GIF sig. Well done, and we hope to see more of him and his GFX.


Lots of other that are worth checking out in the graphics section.




The Outlaws demolished the Lynx in a 10-3 final.


Two teams I have connections with faced off, and the Watchmen came out ahead 9-1 over the Royals.


You can check out all the games that were played in the S41 games section.


Holiday Corner


We asked you to share your New Year Resolutions and we got a whopping 1 response!


Austin Gow (GM of the Yukon Rush) had this to share:

- Have my next player max out a lot of tpe, at least 8 or 9 a week

- Win a cup with the Rush this season

- Now that I know how depreciation works bank plenty of tpe for next season

- Munk the skunk


Good to see! Best of luck to all of you in keeping your resolutions.

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